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The last places on earth with no invasive species2014BBC10/2022
Drivers of future alien species impacts: An expert-based assessment2020Global Change Biology - Wiley Online Library12/2022
Animal invaders threaten protected areas worldwide2020Nature Communications12/2022
The Earth Has a Microbiome — And It Needs Help2022The Revelator12/2022
COP15: Key outcomes agreed at the UN biodiversity conference in Montreal2022Carbon Brief12/2022
Mapping invasive species around the worldn. d.Mosquito Magnet12/2022
From 300,000 rabbits to none: a Southern Ocean island is reborn2022The Guardian12/2022
Turning the tide: The Eradication of Invasive Species2002IUCN01/2023
Damage from invasive species 'trebling every decade'2021The Guardian01/2023
Economic costs of invasive alien ants worldwide2022Biological Invasions02/2023
Confirming the broadscale eradication success of nutria (Myocastor coypus) from the Delmarva Peninsula, USA
2022Biological Invasions02/2023
Managing biological invasions: the cost of inaction2022Biological Invasions02/2023
Translational invasion ecology: bridging research and practice to address one of the greatest threats to biodiversity2021Biological Invasions02/2023
Knowledge, reason and emotion: using behavioral theories to understand people’s support for invasive animal management2021Biological Invasions02/23
Invasive blue crabs threaten economy of whole regions of Italy, official say2023The Guardian08/23 NEW

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