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Progress and progression September, 2023

5 of the most invasive species on the planet, 9 September


  • Spotted lantern fly - Highlights invasion in USA
  • Feral cat - Highlights invasion in Australia
  • Burmese python - Highlights invasion in Florida, USA
  • Guinea grass - Highlights invasion in Hawa'ii, USA, Pacific Island
  • European starling -Highlights invasion in USA

My Comment

General intro followed by short information block on each case.
Despite title is focused mainly on the USA.

Invasive Alien Species Report, 4 September


The severe global threat posed by invasive alien species is underappreciated, underestimated, and often unacknowledged.

Press release for The Invasive Alien Species Assessment from IPBES

My Comment

The Summary for Policymakers (41 pages) is currently available. Report itself is not yet released. Unclear if it will be released to general public or only be available to organisations.

Other reactions

There has been a number of magazine/journal articles published lately that have been prompted by IPBESreport.

The true damage of invasive alien species was just revealed in a landmark report. Here’s how we must act

Alien invaders are penetrating the borders of every country in the world. Now the full extent of the problems and potential solutions have been exposed, in a new United Nations report.

Invasive species increasing at ‘unprecedented’ rates: What you need to know

Invasive species destroy forests, ravage crops and cause extinctions – making them a growing global threat.

Species mentioned by name

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